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The fuel of life

Well, I just got my morning tea in front of me. It’s good. Breakfast blend from Fortnum & Mason. As said, we are quite precise on what kind of tea we like and I just have to say that there is nothing that can beat a good cuppa. Our blog wouldn’t exist without tea and I’m afraid that we wouldn’t even get up in the morning if we didn’t know that in the kitchen there is beautiful and aromatic black tea leaves just waiting for the steaming hot water.

Morning blogging at Queer Household

Last month the most horrifying disaster happened: we ran out of our dear tea blends. Those boxes we had stocked during our honey moon to London had all been brewed and we could do nothing else but try to get something decent from the nearby market. We had waited way too long to place an order at Fortnum & Mason. Why? I have no idea. But in the moment of pure horror we did that.

Fortnum & Mason Tea - Queer Household

Our order arrived in late March and of boy, it was beautiful. We learned our lesson and never let our tea run out again. For us good tea is essential for mental health but also for productivity. Good tea fuels us but it also marks an occasion.

Soon we will leave for an extended Easter holiday to visit our parents. They never developed the understanding for quality tea so we will be packing our tea boxes with us as always. Lets just hope that this visit goes smoother than the last one and we can return with out any stitches.

Working on projects at our beautiful home office

Recently we decided to move things around in our living room library/studio and to create a better setting for socializing with friends on the one end of the room and a working home office to the another. This room has always been the problem are. Maybe because, like the bathroom, it holds multiple purposes. We’ve tried to divide the room to living are and working area and realized that it just doesn’t work. So now we aimed for a better flow and continuity and holy cow, it’s working!

Our kind of home office - Queer Household

It’s so much more pleasant to work on projects after remodeling. And boy, we have a project or two going on. The biggest thing is an evening gown for our wedding photographer Petra. This project has been going for almost an year now. Well, here you see what happens if you don’t put a due date for delivery. But now that the working environment is better the actual work is also very enjoyable.

Working on an evening gown - Queer Household

So, now we are off to the office. Have to get some great stuff done today! Coming up is some Easter stuff. Something about our traditions  on marking the holiday as a not so religious family and also about the most important holiday thing: food!

Stay tuned and enjoy your day!



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