Three currently inspiring things

Three currently inspiring things

Times have been bit hard lately and there has been lot of negative energy going around in my mind. As positive things are one of the best ways for me to recover from stressful situations, Janina advised me to write about nice, positive and inspiring things in my life this week. Positive thoughts feed positivity so here goes nothing!

The Avengers Age of Ultron

So, we are waiting excitedly for the new Marvel movie. In Finland the movie is coming out today 22th of April. We got into Marvel movies about a year and half ago. My cousin is a long time fan and her comments and few fanfics on top of that made me dive in. Janina had seen early 2000’s X-men movies in a movie theater and was really exited to catch up again. What we like about Marvel is how the stories don’t shy away from harder themes like minorities, gray areas in ethic, traumatic changes in a body and a mind, learning to cope with disabilities, self worth issues etc. In short: many things we can relate.

There are many great characters with complex back stories and enough facets to rival diamonds and it’s great how you can’t always box them as heroes or villains. I have never been sci-fi digging person (unlike Janina) but the closest I have gotten is through Marvel. On top of all this majestic drama, most of the movies are hilarious when watched with right mindset. Plus there’s lot of good fanfiction to dig in after movies!

Marvel Movie Date - Queer Household

The doggie

That’s something everyone could have guessed, right? Of course the new pet and family member is an inspiring thing. As we have dreamed about a dog for long time, it’s exhilarating to think after eight days we’ll actually be dog owners. It’s humbling to know we’re trusted to take care of an animal which is already loved by the breeder and at the same time it’s inspiring to do our very best. Janina said the trust makes her feel better than anything doctors have said about her progress.

As designers it’s also inspiring to see the new needs the dog brings. We have been scrolling around internet looking for toys, crates and collar solutions while figuring out our real needs and what we can do by ourselves. As the whippet is a breed that has thin fur and as Finland has cold and long winter we are preparing ourselves to design some dog clothing. It was hilarious to realize that we’ll be two clothing designers with a dog that actually needs clothes. Destiny? We can honestly say it wasn’t planned that way!


A vision board

You know those picture boards you make to visualize your dreams for future, some call them treasure maps, dream- or goal boards. It presents and visualizes your goals and dreams for future and is a way to remind yourself were you’re going and make your subconscious work towards your dreams. Our friend Heta invited us to craft those with her and it has been at the same time funny and extremely hard.

Janina's take on the vision board - Queer Household
Here is Janina’s unfinished take on the vision board.

It’s tough to think what my dreams are when I’m so invested to just survive this week or month. I want job I like and what doesn’t make me anxious too often, I want my spouse to be happy and healthy, I dream of financial and mental stability. I realize all of these are relevant dreams and worth a lot, but I also have difficulties to think something nice just for myself.
I feel like mine are too abstract or just convenient. I tend to circulate every little thing trough the family and the marriage and that’s not totally healthy. Most of the people need something just for themselves were it friends or hobby and I really can’t figure out what it could be for me other than reading. The vision board inspires me me to look into myself and really think about what I want from life. I’m not sure what those things are, but this small project has at least made me think actively the future.


Maybe we could write about vision boards more, have you ever tried them and do you think it helped?



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