Things to do at Valentine’s day without having to put your pants on

What to Do on Valentines Day without Putting Your Pants On?

We met our good friend’s new sweetheart at Sunday. Great guy, I tell you. It was nice to talk over a coffee, get to know him and tell funny stories. He joked that fishing is the best thing one can do with their pants on.We don’t have yet special plans for Valentine’s but as we are introverts, our good times happen mostly at home or at least in a peaceful environment. At this time of the year weather here is cold so going outside is not nice and we are not very keen to leave home. Also we are not going to spend hundreds for one day but both of us are in the mood for a little romance. We have been listing some alternative’s to wine and dine dates, things to do instead.

Movie/TV-series date from the sofa

Buy, rent or stream your favourite movie and watch it at home. Get tons of popcorn in any flavour you want, snuggle under a blanket and spend afternoon like that. Make it a marathon, hoard everything you two might need at the arm’s reach and enjoy the day without doing anything productive. Keep constant commentary on if the movie is something you have already seen because at home there’s just you two. No one to ask you to be quiet.

Get your home bistro going

Take a day to cook together. Get the ingredients together day before. Start with a glass of wine while peeling and chopping, listen music and eat some snacks while preparing the dinner so you don’t get hangry. Take your time and lay out the table. If you don’t have those white linen table clothes, fake it for the night with a bed sheet! Lit candles and find the most ridiculously romantic violin solos and tenor arias from Spotify or Youtube. Just you two and Bella Notte. Remember to feed each others those tiny bites over the table.

Food and Movie on Valentine's Day - Queer Household


Spa time

Try some relaxing in the bathroom. Use some of those nice soaps Santa brought you or make a run to your nearest drug store or chemist shelf and pick something with a nice sent. Oil your hands and massage each other’s feet or do some face massaging. Trim and pamper each others a bit, wash your darling’s hair for them, take a bubble bath or hot shower and get yourselves squishy clean everywhere. Find your biggest towels to use and afterwards you can spend rest of the day and night messing yourselves up and there’s no excuse to turn things down because you’re not feeling clean enough.

Laughs are the sexiest thing

Search internet, Netflix or whatever you might have for stand-up shows. Make it a pick nick on the living room floor or build a pillow fortress at the bedroom and spend some quality time laughing. Just remember to keep the liquids far away from the computer or TV-screen. Having fun and laughing till your stomach hurts is one of the best things to strengthen your relationship in my mind. I bet that’s the reason “why you love them” is answered so often “they make me laugh”.

Flowers on Valentine's Day - Queer Household
It is the perfect time of the year to get the first tulips for your home!

Making whoopee -day

If one day of the year is good for spending in the bedroom and turning your phones off it’s the Valentine’s day. Just make sure you have all you need, better to get that new bottle of lube, stack something easy to eat in the fridge, change the sheets, up your bedroom few degrees warmer if you can, wash your teeth and spend whole day in bed. Be slow, there’s no hurry today. Try all the things you might have mentioned sometimes, if it doesn’t work, there’s always time to change the plans. Lay down, watch the ceiling together, chat about something, take naps, whisper naughty little secrets, list the hottest things you can think of, kiss and pet each other. Eat when you’re hungry and sleep if you’re sleepy, cuddle and read a book if you like. Take a round two.

Read together

Reading aloud is nice way to spend time together. During our years of long distance relationship we used to read aloud via Skype and lately we found this hobby again. It’s lovely to listen loved one’s voice and enjoy the story together with them. Turn off the TV and radio and get comfortable. Take turns with reading aloud and talk about the plot or characters together. There’s tons of stuff in the internet (fan fictions, essays, original short stories, erotic novels) or search your own bookshelves, the library or a bookshop. For good laughs try your poker faces with some harlequin novels, or if you’re feeling more severe try classics like Oscar Wilde’s short stories and for crime lovers Agatha Christie’s Poirot and Mrs. Marple. For happy and sweet moments children’s novels are the best: Oz, Harry Potter, Narnia, Winnie the Pooh, Moomins, Pippi Longstocking and The Brothers Lionheart are all beautifully written and have lot’s of things to say to adults also.

We probably are going to arrange Sherlock marathon for Valentine’s day, our favourite detective and some good food sounds perfect way to spend the weekend. Maybe some flowers and candles to create peaceful atmosphere. We both have theater backgrounds so right props make a difference. Above all I know we aren’t going to put on jeans at all!

What to Do on Valentine's Day without Putting Your Pants on - Queer Household

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