5+1 Tips for Sewing Curtains from Ikea Fabrics

Sewing curtains from Ikea fabrics

You probably agree with me if I say that curtains are an essential part of every room’s decoration. They frame the windows, set the tone for the room and make your decoration come together. Full and carefully designed curtains make your room look finished.

Decorating rooms can be really expensive but curtains are actually great place to cut the costs. Curtains are not ‘used’ the same way as bed linens or upholstery so the fabric doesn’t need to be so on point. Sew the curtains by yourself to save money and get the matched custom drapes for every room. Ikea offers great deals in their fabric department and with simple cotton you can dress windows with a fraction of a cost compared to many other fabric dealers.

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Packing for Two in One Carry On Bag for a Week in Europe

Packing for two in one carry on for one week in Europe
Oh, traveling! I love exploring new places and I’ve never felt really attached to a particular place. I can easily feel at home in new places as long as I have my basic needs filled. We started planning our trip six months ago right when we booked our flight. After booking the hotel we started to get really exited. Now it’s just few days before we land to our destination and we couldn’t be any more ready to start the vacation.
But there is one thing waiting to be done before you can hit the airport. That’s right. Packing.

Packing can be really daunting and it can feel like a real task but it can also serve as a first course before the actual trip. You get a change to prepare, you can pick your outfits before hand and know exactly what you are carrying. If you do things right.

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10 Facts of Life with a Puppy

We have been dog owners for three weeks. I’m still extremely happy for our decision to get a new family member but living with an exited toddler takes its toll. Even tough both me and Janina have been living with dogs and have gone trough puppy phase, memory can fade and things tend to happen quicker and more often than we anticipated . Here’s 10 things almost all puppy owners go through listed by us.

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Wedding budget break down – How we did it with 3500 €/$

How we planned our wedding for under 3500 euros

At the beginning of the year I promised to share our broken down wedding budget. As our wedding was almost totally DIY we kept the total budget in 3,500.00 € almost same in U.S$. This task included sewing, baking, crafting, graphic design, borrowing and calling some favours. Our families paid about one third of total budget (drinks and food, part of the flowers, some ceremony expenses) and helped with organizing and crafting. Big thing was that we didn’t need to pay reception site as we had the party at Iida’s family home. You can find more money saving tips for weddings from this post.

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Reorganizing Small Multipurpose Bathroom – Part 2

How to organize a small multipurpose bathroom?

Our bathroom is tiny and it is supposed to serve double, no, triple duty as a toilet, bath room and laundry room. The renovation upstairs is over and now we too have our bathroom back. In the end we had to paint things again by ourselves, employees left the ceiling looking blotchy and didn’t come to fix the smaller scratches left behind by taping. We were not delighted by that, but thank goodness we still had some paint left over from the renovation we did when we moved in.

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The Underdogs of Capsule Wardrobe – Lets Talk About Underwear

The Underdogs of Capsule Wardrobe - Lets Talk About Underwear

Underwear is often overlooked when it comes to discussions about clothing. Still, they are used everyday so let’s take a look to our ‘nearest and dearest’. We are talking about quality, quantity and what kind of underclothes one may need. Undergarments are a very personal thing but here is a handful of basic knowledge you can use to get the most out of the least.

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Surviving the flu season – 8 tips for better survival rate

8 Tips for Surviving the Flu Season

So it happened.

First I got sick and now it’s Iida’s turn and I haven’t even recovered yet. We have struggled to make a blog post this weekend as our energies are really low. Tons of ideas, really. Posts about LGBTIQ role models, womance and the continuing series about organizing bathroom and working on the wardrobe. But all the great stuff has to wait until we get better and life starts rolling again.

In the mean time let me sort out few tips and tricks how to kill the flu or at least make it more bearable.

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Working wardrobe: How to begin?

How to Start Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

Imagine a day when you have a great feeling about yourself. You slept well, had a lovely cup of tea with a satisfying breakfast. Things are really going your way. Next thing coming is to pick the outfit for the day and in my mind this is the critical moment of many days. It can boost you to even better day or it can set your back at least few steps. What is the key on winning this moment? Wisely created capsule wardrobe of course.

Lately we got to know the term Capsule Wardrobe. It was first used by Susie Faux during the 1970’s. You can read more about Mrs. Faux from her homepage.

In a nutshell capsule wardrobe is meant to be well-organized wardrobe with clothes that play well together without the overwhelming amount of clothes. Important aspects are good materials, right fit, classic pieces and a neutral colour scheme. There’s countless tutorials and tips for creating working capsule, just search with the term.

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Philosophy of Spring Cleaning + Ideas for Recycling

The Philosopfy of Spring Cleaning

So, spring cleaning, eh? Cleaning is not easy task for us partly because of the depression symptoms, when body or mind is sick, it’s tired. But how many of us loves cleaning anyway? For us the best way to tackle the task is to keep mind on the prize: serene, clean and uncluttered home.

Spring cleaning does include decluttering and organizing maybe even more than actual scrubbing and hoovering. We have made a habit of annually clean the closets and declutter our apartment. We seldom clean our cupboards very thoroughly for winter holidays but when there’s more light and days start to grow longer it’s nice to try and figure out cluttered spaces again. Our small home is just 58 square meters with a small attic closet. That space fills up pretty easily and I think at the moment we aren’t even keeping up with the filling speed.

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How I’m coping with depression – 10 tools for everyday life

10 Tools for Coping with Depression

I have walked a long journey with depression and anxiety and by this day I’ve come to realise that sometimes I need a good pack of tools to help me cope with my destructive thinking and low mood. When an anxiety attack comes I’m not very likely to start searching for something to boost my mood so it is handy to sneak these working coping methods into the mind so if we are lucky they might just pop out in the right moment. When you feel that you aren’t good enough and everyone else is judging you even though they don’t admit it, it’s definitely time get something positive going on and tackle the beast.

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How we minimized our wedding budget

How We Minimized Our Wedding Budget

I don’t think many of us have tons of money just to toss away and I definitely know we haven’t after studying six years. Then somewhere in your mid-twenties you start to think about making it official with your long time sweetheart and all of a sudden there’s a wedding party, which can take in an amount of money that’s equal to some small country’s GDP.

When we had our wedding Janina was fresh out of college and I was finishing my studies, so we were really living with a minimal amount of money. We had been engaged five years and were really eager to take the next step. We wanted a relaxed and beautiful wedding with eighty quests, outdoor ceremony and dancing with the smallest budget possible.

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