Don’t wait to find a great role model – become the role model!

If you can't find a role model you should become one

One day, while doing the dishes, I was watching Miss Representation, a documentary about female representation in media. It zooms into a picture media draws about women and how it effects the possibility of women to get into leading roles in companies. I’m a huge feminist myself and I’ve grown even more emphatic during the last year as I’ve got more confidence and a possibility to teach kids about equality. At the same time I hate that we still have to fight for this.

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It can get better with homophobic parent

It Gets Better with a Homophobic Parent

Coming out to the family members is frightening and can lead to many different situations. Part of LGBTIQ people get to experience love and support, part suffer fear and rejection. For us, it was both. I got rejected by my father at first and after seven years I have had the change to see my father getting better and learning to accept me as his homosexual child.

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