Oh, So Quiet Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies

Oh So Quiet and Chewy Peanutbutter Cookies

Well, hello you midnight bakers! If you are like me then you know how sometimes the baking urge just hits you. Time or circumstances don’t matter. Neither does it that every one else is sleeping. I used to bake all the time few years ago but now it’s so rare for me that every time I want to bake I just go for it. So last night was one of those times. I really wanted to make cookies and to use peanut butter. We had half of a salted chunky peanut butter jar left and as we really don’t like to use that one on snacking (Natural peanut butter and apples is a heaven in your mouth!) I thought I could get rid of that.

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Our non-religious and food loaded Easter

Our Non-religious and Food Loaded Easter

Hello everyone and happy Easter!

As Janina told in the last post, we are not very religious family. Big chunk of Finnish people attend to Evangelical Lutheran church, we did too but nowadays we are not part of church nor attend to services. For us Easter is more just about family traditions and a holiday when we celebrate spring and nature awakening.

It’s a perfect time to take a break from our home organizing projects as well as from job hunting and sewing. Time to relax with great people and eat all the delicious food and give a middle finger for mental illnesses.

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Yay, it’s my bithday! Reflecting the last year

Reflecting the last year

I turned 26 last Thursday. I’m actually quite exited to get closer and closer to the magical thirties which is said to cause several crisis. I don’t believe in the crisis. Maybe because I haven’t hit that mark yet but also maybe because the last years have been more or less a crisis to me. I’m looking forward to get rid of my confusing years.

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Super easy omelette pizza

Super Easy Omelette Pizza

Hands up, how many has moments when cooking is almost a mission impossible? Well, we at least do. It feels ridiculous, we are two adults, it’s not like we have to cook for a roomful of kids. And I’m talking about cooking easy, quick meals, nothing fancy or even with a recipe.

Eating and cooking is a tricky thing for me. I’ve lived with a spectrum of eating disorders for many years and time to time there is an urge to snap back. I’m doing so much better now but I still have some difficulties (mostly motivational) to make food only for myself.

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