Packing for Two in One Carry On Bag for a Week in Europe

Packing for two in one carry on for one week in Europe
Oh, traveling! I love exploring new places and I’ve never felt really attached to a particular place. I can easily feel at home in new places as long as I have my basic needs filled. We started planning our trip six months ago right when we booked our flight. After booking the hotel we started to get really exited. Now it’s just few days before we land to our destination and we couldn’t be any more ready to start the vacation.
But there is one thing waiting to be done before you can hit the airport. That’s right. Packing.

Packing can be really daunting and it can feel like a real task but it can also serve as a first course before the actual trip. You get a change to prepare, you can pick your outfits before hand and know exactly what you are carrying. If you do things right.

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Sporty, yet feminine – Working wardrobe case study

Sporty Yet Feminine Capsule Wardrobe

My sister Linda approached us about her wardrobe this spring. She has been struggling with her own style and needs for a while now. Her dream style is classy, bit preppy and quite feminine. Yet her lifestyle is physically demanding and she spends several hours per day outside. We found ways to combine her needs to her wants.

Linda feels her wardrobe is horrible and chaotic. She actually found a shirt one morning she didn’t know she owned. Linda’s closet is full of old clothes, odds and ends from high school and still nothing to wear. Sounds familiar? I think most of us has been there at one point of our lives.

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The Underdogs of Capsule Wardrobe – Lets Talk About Underwear

The Underdogs of Capsule Wardrobe - Lets Talk About Underwear

Underwear is often overlooked when it comes to discussions about clothing. Still, they are used everyday so let’s take a look to our ‘nearest and dearest’. We are talking about quality, quantity and what kind of underclothes one may need. Undergarments are a very personal thing but here is a handful of basic knowledge you can use to get the most out of the least.

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The Apple Dress: A personal story how clothes can make or break you

How Clothes Can Make or Break You

Few years back I worked in a gift shop as a sales assistant during one summer. Everyone there had clothing provided by the firm to wear at work, 60’s style knee length dress with open armholes and colourful apple pattern. That apple dress was to become my worst enemy in terms of feeling good of myself but after all it was also the key.

Clothes and style is so personal that even small things can throw it off. You perhaps know the feeling from your own childhood. An accident including juice, milk or anything liquid. You messed your clothes and  then you had to borrow something to wear from your cousin against your will: your aunt, mother or grandma insisted. There was always something wrong with the borrowed piece. Maybe the colour was wrong, the material was scratchy or it just smelled funny.

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