Surviving the flu season – 8 tips for better survival rate

8 Tips for Surviving the Flu Season

So it happened.

First I got sick and now it’s Iida’s turn and I haven’t even recovered yet. We have struggled to make a blog post this weekend as our energies are really low. Tons of ideas, really. Posts about LGBTIQ role models, womance and the continuing series about organizing bathroom and working on the wardrobe. But all the great stuff has to wait until we get better and life starts rolling again.

In the mean time let me sort out few tips and tricks how to kill the flu or at least make it more bearable.

1. For God’s sake, buy some nice and soft tissues.

If you are like us and try to save on every little thing then now it is time to dump that attitude. You are sick. Things are shitty. You deserve something nice so at least get yourself proper tissues for sneezing. Your nose will thank you and you know that the toilet paper isn’t that neat. Toilet paper is for your ass, not for your face.

2. Stock up the honey…

Honey is a natural antibiotic and it is proven to kill bacteria. Heck, it’s even stated that maybe honey should be the number one treatment for bacteria based illnesses. We both are a huge honey fans and when the first symptoms of flu are in the horizon even I, who like my tea unsweetened, start to scoop honey with tea.

When you still have enough strength you might want to stock up some honey from the store. Nothing as annoying as running out of important stuff when you don’t want to leave the bed.

3. …and something easy to cook.

Lets face it, when you are sick you have even less energy for everyday tasks as you do when you have your full strength. So it is important to make sure that you have something easy to cook at home to make sure you are eating properly. Even better, get healthy meals in the freezer or fridge that you just need to warm up. I know, sometimes it’s just so tempting to skip the meals because you can’t taste nothing and swallowing hurts and actually you don’t even feel hunger. That’s an important sign that you should eat! All the mean flu bacteria are sending this war propaganda to your body. They want you to be undernourished and weak so they can keep partying.

When you are sick your body needs proper nutrients so living on cheese and bread just isn’t making it. Your immune system is a wreck, you need to boost it. How about making sure that you have fresh ingredients for smoothies. They are easy and super fast to make, just blending. My personal favourites to blend are kale, spinach, banana and blueberries.

Surviving the Flu Season - Queer Household

4. Make sure you don’t run out of tea!

Kill your flu and sore throat with hot drinks. We recommend tea. Any kind of tea, really, as we don’t like to give up our tea snobism even when we are sick. Nothing, not even running out of honey and food is as horrible as running out of tea! There are also some really nice blends and brews to try when you have a flu. I’ve grown to like lemon and ginger tea. It’s spicy and feels effective. Add some honey and it gets even better or take it to a whole new and disgusting (but damn, it’s working) level and add some apple cider vinegar.

5. Don’t skip showering and hygiene just because you are sick and tired.

It doesn’t seem to be the priority when being sick. You are mostly staying in bed and not leaving the house so why to bother? Here is why. When you keep up your personal hygiene when being sick you just feel better. A little bit more like a human being when the illness is trying to prove otherwise. Also if you get fewer you are very likely to be sweating so taking a shower now and then is good for you. Your body doesn’t end up storing unwanted germs. Also remember to change at least the bottom sheet on your bed as that is the one getting dirtiest. It sounds like a lot of trouble but it is worth it.

Surviving the Flu Season - Queer Household

6. Sleep, sleep, sleep

Being sick sounds like a perfect time to catch up on all your favourite tv shows and start watching something you’ve been interested in for ages but haven’t had the time. Umm, nope, now it is time to sleep. Your body needs real rest and binge watching tv just makes your head go wibbly wobbly. Reading is better than screen time but actual sleeping is the best. Now it is the time to catch up for all those nights you stayed up too late and had to wake up after five hours for work. Shhh, enough said, go to sleep.

7. But I’m not sleepy…

Well then just keep your eyes closed and listen to some classical music. Rest and relaxing anyway and giving your body time and energy to fight the partying germs. The more you rest now the sooner you get better.

8. Let in fresh air

But make sure you don’t get chilled yourself and make the recovery proses longer. Put on your woolen socks, crap a blanket and go to open the window for a moment. It’s not nice to stay in for many days in indoor air that gets so thick you could cut it with a knife. Let oxygen flow in and enjoy breathing.


Now it is time for us to follow our own guidelines and get better as soon as possible. I’m craving to get back on gym and running and we need to make our blog posts rolling better again. Also our home is screaming for organizing and cleaning! And better yet, it’s time to visit my parents and grannies in next few days. So intense recovering ahead. Wish us luck!


How do you fight flu? If you find these tips helpful then please, share the help!




Surviving the Flu Season - Queer Household

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