Super easy omelette pizza

Super Easy Omelette Pizza

Hands up, how many has moments when cooking is almost a mission impossible? Well, we at least do. It feels ridiculous, we are two adults, it’s not like we have to cook for a roomful of kids. And I’m talking about cooking easy, quick meals, nothing fancy or even with a recipe.

Eating and cooking is a tricky thing for me. I’ve lived with a spectrum of eating disorders for many years and time to time there is an urge to snap back. I’m doing so much better now but I still have some difficulties (mostly motivational) to make food only for myself.

This problem grows major especially when I’m alone at home for a certain period. Right now Iida is visiting her parents separately and the trip takes a whole week. A lot of time alone for me then.

Depression makes even smallest of tasks sometimes look like Mount Everest where you need extra oxygen, lot’s of rest and still there’s no promises you can make it. It almost always helps to have a plan of some kind and take your time.

I’m not lying when I say we have been doing dishes almost eight hours sometimes while watching movies and taking breaks between the cups and saucers. With cooking it’s bit more challenging because one needs to eat basically after every three hours and snacks don’t work as every meal.

Sometimes going for easy comfort foods help the kitchen mission. It gives a sense of control and a feeling that you don’t have to do anything new. Just something you’ve done before. In our family comfort food means something I’ve been able to eat even during the worst times of ED. For example canned pineapple, eggs and cottage cheese or oatmeal porridge. I’m doing much better now and I realise that those aren’t enough to feed me for a week so I have to do my best to kick in some other stuff too.

So I came up with this:

Super easy omelette pizza

This one is super easy and quick, therefore perfect for those moments when you have zero energy or motivation but you know it would be better to get something nutrient and healthy down your throat.

We usually have frozen greens like spinach or peas in our freezer and those give you an easy route to get your veggies on the plate. Also as we make vegetarian food with occasional fish dishes when we are feeling wealthy, we need to get the protein somewhere. So we eat tons of eggs. We always have eggs. These two, greens and eggs are the base of this dish.

For topping? Well, what ever you have. I had tomatoes that were really close to go off and I also had feta cheese remaining from some salad we made earlier. So these were to go to my pizza. Follow to the recipe.

Super Easy Omelette Pizza

You start cooking on the stove. Preheat a pan you can put into oven (so no plastic parts!) and don’t forget to turn your oven to 200°C/392F.

Makes one or two portions depending how hungry you are and if you have any sides.


few handfuls of greens (I used two big leaves of kale and 2,5 dl/1 cup of frozen spinach)

2 to 3 eggs

a pinch of salt

some butter to the pan

Putt your greens and eggs in a blender and make it smooth. I put our cast iron pan heating while I was waiting our Kitchen Aid blender to work it’s magic. After blending the pan was ready with some melted butter on it. Now pour the green coloured “crust batter” on the pan. While it’s cooking get on chopping.


Really, what ever you like. I used

2 tomatoes, sliced

feta cheese

black pepper

When the “crust” is mostly cooked put the toppings on it and grind some black pepper on top. Put the whole thing into oven for couple of minutes. Take out and eat!

How do you get motivated to cook? What would you put on our omelette pizza?

Super Easy Omelette Pizza - Queer Household

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