Is the Konmari Magic True?

Do you believe in magic?

We finished our Konmari journey in the beginning of the year 2016. It took us about six months to complete the project and now we have been living in our much more minimalist home for few months.

In her book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up organizing expert Marie Kondo opens her method of decluttering one’s home and life to change how one thinks and achieve good things in life. She tells examples of her clients who have lost weight, gained new job career or ended a long time relationship to pursue their own interests.

I feel the method has brought lot of good things into our life. You can find our tips to start the Konmari project here. I can’t say if it’s just Konmari magic or if it’s some sort of things just coming together in right place and right time, but Konmari has been at least part of it.

There’s still difficult days, tight budget, fears and anxiety, but they are not everything and they won’t be everything. I’m more happy than a year ago or even six months ago. We’ll soon release a post about the other results of Konmari in our home and life, but here’s the true, good things we have experienced since we started to konmari.



I’m more positive nowadays, after The New Year there was some kind of change, a moment of small clarity. I realized I want to be that happy, smiley person who goes through life with joy and excitement. I want to see living things at home, I want to dance with my spouse in our living room now that there’s no fear of crushing anything. I want scented candles and hot baths and something to work towards to. I have already gotten taste of every single one of those!


I got an unbelievably thoughtful gift at Christmas. I haven’t got money to update my electronics in a while, so I have been sporting a battered Dell laptop and an old fashioned cellphone. My wonderful darling had organized a group gift and I got a brand new Mac Book pro from Santa. I hardly believed my eyes as I opened the box. It’s something I have been dreaming few years and I believe it’ll be single handedly one of the most long living and useful gifts I’ll ever receive. Hopefully I’ll be able to update my phone sometime this year. Also surprisingly we have gotten a new electric toothbrush soon after we threw our old one to trash with hopes to replace it at some point.

*update* It seems like the updated cellphone is coming true sooner than I believed! Probably in few months time, this I call magic!


We  booked our first trip abroad since our honeymoon. We have been able to save some money for it, thanks to stuff we have sold. Our plan is to hit London stores and museums soon after Easter. Less things, more experiences!

Work projects

Both of us have interesting job prospects that can open new doors for us. We’ll tackle our first big costume design projects this spring by our own names and have a chance to show our skills in that field.


Janina’s health has been getting much better during the last six months. There’s no depression medication anymore and the therapy is ending in few weeks. It’s huge relief for me to see my babe in a good shape and I’m so thankful for that. I, also, feel much more balanced.


We have been hoping to meet new positive people for a while now and make new friends. Positivity feeds positivity. Amazingly we have really made new friends who are delightful and happy persons and shine outwards with their smile and kind words. What at first started as shopping or business has turned into lovely moments during the week that include happy welcoming feeling and treats. Also, one of our dear friends from high-school who we had not seen since in our wedding 2014 has been visiting us several times since the New Year. Best thing is we continue to see her often this spring!


Many of things I mentioned may have been shimmering slowly for a year or so, but after our Konmari project they got real. Even if you’re not sure how Konmari may contribute your life, I want to tell you to be brave, try it and see it by yourself. List the positive things in your life, it does a lot of good for one’s heart and soul.


Is the Konmari Magic True? We listed a few of the great things that came to us after we decluttered with the Konmari method

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