Come in, dear

I’m Iida and my spouse is Janina. We live in Finland, a country in Northern Europe next to the Scandinavian Peninsula. We are just one merry family among others but we love the fact that we are a happy, queer family.

Iida and Janina - Queer Household
Here we are! Iida (left) and Janina keeping our Queer Household rolling.


We write about home, friends and living your everyday life. We want to feed positive thoughts, make LGBTIQ youths trust they will be happy too and gently remind every one can have a life full of love and delight, it doesn’t matter who you love or what gender or genders you identify yourself with.

We are nerdy, visual persons and share the same passion for story telling and drama. We drink great amounts of tea (British blends are the best ones) and we hoard tableware and serving dishes. Our friends laugh when we go nuts about some television series or a movie but we love it.

When we started dating about seven and half years ago, there wasn’t a single person for us who could have shown what it means to love your spouse and live your life as a queer. Turns out it really isn’t much different than anything else, but it would have been nice to have a positivity boost back then. The change in media has been quick, but we think it’s not quick enough. We hope we can make a world just little less hetero normative.

We love each other tremendously, we love our home and we love our family and friends. It is well know that sharing makes things better, so we decided to share!

Here is how everything started

Timeline - Queer Household

When we started dating in 2007 we were both in high school and it was our first relationship. That first year was rough because we both lived still at childhood homes and had to survive in the hostile environment created by other half of our parents. There was lot of tears and fear of future but also thrill of first relationship and love. After high school we moved in to different cities to study. We had three years of long distance relationship and during that time we got engaged. 2011 we moved together and it was one of the best decisions ever made. We were both much happier together and it is such a joy to be able to wake up next to each other day after day. We have both graduated now and survived through a wedding organising and our relationship is as healthy and strong as ever.


Iida & Janina


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